Hundreds of Rwandan members of the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF Inkotanyi) living in Europe have this weekend convened in a French city of Lille for a two-day retreat that started on Saturday.

The retreat has attracted senior cadres from Rwanda including RPF’s Commissioner Tito Rutaremara who delivered a special message from the party’s secretariat.
He urged the members to fight against those who try to discredit Rwanda on social media, strive to uplift themselves, and work together in everything.
According to the program, discussions will focus on the country’s trajectory 25 years after the liberation and the role of Rwandans in diaspora, most particularly members of RPF Inkotanyi in the continued nation building efforts. Discussions will also tackle patriotism.

Rwanda’s ambassador to Nordic countries, Amb. Christine Nkurikiyinka encouraged the participants to love their country every day.

You shouldn’t love your country in the morning and forget it in the evening. Don’t forget that you would rather shed blood for your country than let dogs lick it for free,” she noted.

Others who spoke at the meeting include Dr Charles Nsengiyumvo , a Rwandan living in France Jocelyn Habimana and Amb. Jean Pierre Karabaranga who talked about democracy in Rwanda and its image because of how the country has good cooperation with the diaspora.

The Express News


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