Mukuralinda is combining his extensive legal knowledge, his detailed understanding of the functioning of the judicial institutions and their actors in Rwanda to assist his clients.

He has always shown a strong willingness to fight against injustice and impunity, in his professional and private life. In his free time, he is a singer, songwriter, and composer ( and his love for justice is present in most of his songs.

Recently, Mukuralinda said that no Rwandans in Diaspora should struggle for any legal or administrative services in Rwanda.

Speaking during Rwanda day 2019, Mukuralinda shared his views with the public present in Bonn.
He said that Diaspora people usually have two major problems back home: court or tribunal cases and land related problems.

“They have challenges, they come every year for a short period (two weeks usually) during their holidays. However, their problems normally take a long time to solve. Most of the time, they get someone to support them while in Kigali. Once they go back, their contacts stop picking up their calls”. He said.

“That’s how the idea was born to create a legal advice cabinet to be able help Rwandans living aboard in their legal and administrative journey back home.
He said that his participation to Rwanda Day gave visibility to his services and many people have been reaching out to him to express their needs.

“My ambition is that anyone form the diaspora can have his/her problem solved without his/her being present in Rwanda. I wish that when they come for their holidays, they enjoy their time back
home without having to worry about their cases.

They need people to help them on the ground because when they are spending time on the cases they do not have time to rest or to care about other matters. Rather they spend money and time on their cases and most of the time nothing is solved when it is time to go back to
where they live”. Mukuralinda told The Express

For more Information about Alain Mukuralinda and his justice services, court related cases, please visit the link:

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