Pascal Nyamulinda who has been Mayor of Kigali from February 2017, resigned on his own business reason.The council chairperson of the city of Kigali Rutabingwa Athanase confirms the authenticity of this information.

He said: “Yes.he said it is his own business. We have to sit to discuss about his resignation.”

Mayor Nyamulinda replaced Mukaruliza Monique who was appointed ambassador of Rwanda to Zambia after serving for 11 months as Mayor of Kigali.

Pascal Nyamulinda who was the Director General of the National Identification Agency before he had elected to be Mayor of Kigali after winning an electoral college vote of 161 to 35 votes for Councillor Umuhoza Aurore.

In his speech after winning elections last year, Mayor Nyamulinda indicated that he was going to value the contribution of every citizen of the City.

On his leadership ,he was known as the one who put in practice serious measures over resisting street vendors.

The Express News


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