According to Andreas Norlen, Sweden’s Speaker of Parliament, the humanity is risking to experience another Genocide if the world hasn’t learned anything from Rwanda’s 1994 Genocide Against Tutsi.

The Speaker expressed his concern during the commemoration of over one million people who were brutally murdered in 1994 Genocide Against Tutsi. The event, which featured ‘Walk to Remember’ at its beginning, was organized in Sweden and attended by Rwandan envoy to the country, Ambassador Christine Nkulikiyinka.
Mr. Norlen reiterated that humanity, who are responsible for Genocide, are scattered everywhere, and so they have to be taught consequences of Genocide for them to prevent it. And if not, according to the Speaker, there is no warrant that the same catastrophe can never happen anywhere.

He then referred Rwanda as a special lesson to the rest of the world, considering how the country managed to rebuild after Genocide and now is the model of development to other countries around the world.
Ambassador Nkulikiyinka praised Sweden for its efforts to search and present Genocide suspects to the court which is not always the case in European countries.

In that regard, the Ambassador reminded other countries that “the battle against reluctance in sentencing genocide perpetrators and fighting Genocide Against Tutsi denial have to be everyone’s responsibility.”
Foreign Minister of Sweden, Margot Wallstrom, recalled that the world had already decided to conjoin their efforts to prevent reoccurrence of another genocide. Later on, over one million people were killed in just 100 days. Wallstrom condemned international community to abandon Rwanda in its most time of need.
He said “Nevertheless, Genocide against Tutsi happened while we were just watching, international community abandoned Rwanda, let’s learn from it, so that it will never happen anywhere in the world.”
The commemoration event attracted a lot of prominent figures in Sweden who come to show their solidarity with Rwandans. Among them are Speaker of Sweden parliament, Andreas Norlen, Vice Speaker, Lotta Johnsson Fornave, Foreign Minister of Sweden, Morgot Wallstrom, and secretary in the Office of Prime Minister, Karin Wallensteen.
Rwanda and Sweden have established incredible relations in the past years and it seems that both countries are enjoying the journey. In the last national commemoration week. Sweden sent its delegation led by Local government minister, Mr. Ardelan Shekarabi.

Recently a Swedish journalist, Gunilla Von Hall who was in Rwanda in 1994, has handled his pictures to the government of Rwanda in order to put them in good use. Previously, the pictures had never been shown till the time of handover.
Relations between two countries has even stretched further and reached other sectors like education.
Rwanda’s commemoration period in ongoing and will last on 4th July, marking 100 days in which Genocide was executed in from April 7th.

NDAHAYO Emmanuel
The Express News


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