Rwandan Community in New Zealand urged to uphold values of those who liberated the country. The me message was delivered as they celebrate the liberation day in partnership with Rwandan Embassy in Singapore.

The ceremony took place in Auckland City in New Zealand on July 27, 2019.
The ceremony was also introduced by national anthems of both countries, Rwanda and New Zealand.

Participants to the ceremony were presented a film in which His Excellency the President of Republic of Rwanda, Paul Kagame explains the way-long he passed through to liberate the country and to stop the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi.

Rwandans and their friends in New Zealand were also presented another film showing the development Rwanda has met so far including the way Rwanda eases business investments for everyone without leaving behind Rwandans in Diaspora.

Speaking to participants to the ceremony, Mrs. Mary Karara, the chairperson of Rwandan community in New Zealand said commended the efforts of former RPA armies who stopped the Jenocide perpetrated against the Tutsi and liberate the country.

Mrs Mary Karara the chairperson of Rwanda community Abroad in New Zealand

She added that this is a bravery activity that will remain in the Rwanda’s History. She also noted that Rwandans in New Zealand appreciate the vision of their mother-country.

“We thank the leadership of the Government of Rwanda led by His Excellency Paul Kagame to give value all Rwandans without leaving behind Rwandans in Diaspora.we know where we have come from and we cannot accept anything that can take us back. We will continue to help others to protect and sustain the achievements and we will join efforts to build Rwanda,”

Lucas Murenzi, who was representing Rwanda Embassy in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand thanked participants to the ceremony, saying that Rwanda has opportunities to have good leadership that strives for a promising vision to promote citizens’development.

Lucas Murenzi commercial attache Trade & investment in high commission of The republic of Rwanda of New Zealand

“the good step Rwanda has made today is because of good leadership we have that established a good vision, that eliminated discrimination, injustice, bad mindset and activities,” he said, requesting Rwandans in Diaspora to uphold the values of those who liberated the country and teach their children the same values.

He said that the 25th liberation day has five meanings for Rwandans, one being the end of Jenocide perpetrated against the Tutsi on July 4, 1994, and then Rwanda were liberated of bad leadership that was characterized by racial discrimination and hate. He said that Rwandans were taught the Unity and Reconciliation and the government recovered Security, Rwandans and their properties.
He said that Rwanda is happy for changes including citizens’ welfare in Education, Health, Agriculture and Livestock that were tremendously developed. He also said that Rwanda is happy for planning strategies and policy transformation for achieving vision

The fourth highlight he mentioned is that “We are happy for our achievements in infrastructures, pure water access to the citizens, building the hydro power plants for electricity and avail it countrywide, industry development, road construction, improving public transport both on road and air transport, ICT in mining sector and modern agriculture.” He said.

The fifth highlight he said is “we are happy for changes and development in finance, investment, reducing import-exports gap, development of the Rwanda’s Private Sector Federation, improving on Science and Technology, Rapid economic transformation, investment, export promotion, services development and development skills, etc”

Murenzi concluded his remarks by thanking participants to the ceremony especially good relationship of New Zealand with Rwanda and encouraged other African people to help their countries build resilience as a first step of liberation and development based on partnership between Africans.

The ceremony was finally concluded by networking between Rwandans and their friends.

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