The Rwandan High Commissioner to Uganda Frank Mugambage has lauded President Paul Kagame for developing Rwanda in different sectors such as education, health, urbanization as well as tourism.

Mugambage was the chief guest as the Rwandan community in Uganda celebrated Kagame’s landslide victory in the recently concluded presidential elections.

The function took place last weekend at Club Play, Industrial Area in Kampala.

“During the 1990s Rwanda had been destroyed and many people internationally thought it wouldn’t be great again. However, currently, the country has been developed to an extent that people from different countries go there to borrow a leaf on the projects and systems,” he told guests.

The Rwandan envoy lauded Rwandans for the overwhelming support they gave to Kagame.

‘Future is bright’

Clad in red T-shirt and red cap, Mugambage attributed the developments in Rwanda to accountability, hardwork and a high level of transparency exhibited by the leaders.

“I must thank the youth for the great support they gave to our president. Through such enthusiasm, the future is bright for our country.”

Guests were treated to dancing and songs in praise of Kagame. There was also socialisation among the Rwandans.

Mugambage said there was a referendum in 2015 where a good number of people in and out of Rwanda unanimously voted and agreed that Kagame runs for the third term.

Kagame defeated Frank Habineza, from the Democratic Green Party, and Philippe Mpayimana, an independent candidate.

Donati Kananura, the head of the Rwandan community living in Uganda, praised the cooperation among the Rwandans in Uganda, and also lauded Mugambage for uniting them here.


The Express News 


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