President Paul Kagame has said that leaders should reassess themselves and find out the reasons that deter them from implementing their responsibilitie

Kagame was speaking Wednesday to local leaders that are in Kigali for a three-day retreat.

The retreat brings together over 1300 leaders including Sector Executive Secretaries, District and City of Kigali Council Members, District Executive Secretaries, Provincial Governors and Executive Secretaries.

Speaking about persistent problems and leaders working from the office and end up without seeing those problems addressed, the Head of State said that they should seek solutions or provide explanations to the people.

“You should leave offices and reach people, discuss their problems and orient them. Sometimes people think that problems are there because the government does not care about them, but, that’s not the reason; there should be a response or clarification of the problem. That is our responsibility,” he said.

Kagame said that leaders should rethink about poor implementation of their responsibilities and then take decisions.

“First of all if you take time and reassess yourself on why you don’t fulfill your responsibilities or why they always remind you about what you should have done, it helps to change cultures, mindsets or working conditions. You should challenge yourselves on what to change to serve people better,” he said.

Kagame said that when they fail to assess themselves, the result from poor working conditions affect people.

“We will not keep you there doing things which can cause loss or bad effects to other people, you must be held accountable about it.

The Express News


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