In the framework of accelerating government service delivery available to Irembo website, Rwanda Online in collaboration with MTN Rwanda started mobilizing the community to pay services using MTN Mobile Money.

Mobilizing people on using MOBILE MONEY while paying for services started this Wednesday 27 March 2018, was conducted under Kinyarwanda theme “Byikorere ku Irembo Birangize na Momo’.

Uwajeneza Clement,Rwanda online Boss and Irembo explained that the purpose of this event is to sensitize people on how easy it is to use telephone to pay for services than to spend their time going to seek others to help them.
He added that most of the people seek for Irembo agent’s help instead of doing it for themselves.

In this event Rwanda Online Irembo awarded institutions that contributed a lot in promotion of Irembo services thus MTN and Nyarugenge were both awarded.

MTN Rwanda pledges a continuous collaboration with Irembo.

Irembo is the one-stop portal for e-Government services. It’s role as a platform is the provision of Government services online with ease, efficiency and reliability. Irembo is currently hosting 88 Government services online including Mutuelle (Community-Based Health Insurance), Laissez-Passer, CEPGL and other Immigration & Emmigration Services.


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