Emmanuel Mugisha known on his stage name Clapton Kibonke is a rising stand-up comedian, singer, movie actor and MC. He comics insists on the Christian comedy and as a Christian comedian, believes that you need to learn to walk the line between being funny and staying true and respectful to your faith.
His first appearance in the local comic movie seburikooko made him famous and made his name emerging on the limelight.

For him fun is the necessary in life and that it helps everyone to live happily on earth regardless whether some is poor or rich. He adds, laughing makes people forget their suffering and brings hope to the fainted souls.
“Laughing makes you live longer and healthier than the saddened person. It’s the reason why I have to preach the Gospel but at the same time heal the wounded souls,” he says.

Emmanuel Mugisha was a funny boy from the tender ages where he used to entertain his fellow students in classrooms and teachers. The 24 year old standup comedian says started his carrier as early on 14 years of age.
“I started acting in school theatres and churches where I could mimick the Biblical stories.
For instance someday I impersonated Isaac the Abraham son when he was taken him as a sacrifice and my fellow took on the altar as a sacrifice in the play,” he says.

He says that all this prompted him growing up familiaring theatrical performances but also instilling in him the passion and enthusiasm to love comedy.

Besides that he performs in the churches, gospel conferences and youth training workshops since his fan base is active among the youth’s and believers.

Mugisha started his career in 2014 in the local movies, radio shows and in TV shows like RamJan show that were broadcasted on the Lemigo TV, TV 10 barbershop series and ‘byadogereye show’ a movie series all funny shows that made his popularity in comedy a reality. Alongside that comics he is professional singer and has managed to recorded gospel tracks like ‘Fata telephone mana’ and Muri yesu harimo Gout’.
He attended Nyakayaga primary school in Gatsibo District, Kiziguro secondary school and Kagarama secondary and he is currently pursuing Bachelor of Science with Honors in science at University of Kigali.
He is born from the God Fearing family and his parents are the senior religious leader in church, the factor he thinks pushed him to be a Christian funny man. “My father is a pastor at Assemblies of God church and he always reminded us to pray from our young ages this made me growing up fearing God in whatever I could do,” he says.
He say he decided to choose Christian comedy because he is a believer and had focused to spread the good gospel to the world through comics. “I never wanted to exploit my talents outside God line,” he says.
Mugisha is positive about the growth of comedy generally in Rwanda and believes that in the near future the audience will come to prefer local comics to the western jokes than the previous.

The young comedian is optimistic about the move of the local comedians in Rwanda which he say is promising depending on their visible creativity as year goes and others come.

He was nominated in the category of the people’s choice actor in the Rwanda Movie Award that took place Kigali convention Centre in 2017, Gospel flava concert last year, Groove awards 2015-2016 and performed in other different gospel concerts

He thinks that comedy is another way that can connect people to their God. People like varieties therefore by having different kinds of preaching the word of God souls can also get attracted and touched by just fun.
Preaching the word of God is spread in various means by showing kindness in actions or in words and that spreading the word through comical aspect and humor is the way he chose.

Mugisha say he was inspired by the notable comedians like Charlie chaplin, chris rock among others gospel jokesters as his role models


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