n the night of June 19th 2018, the notorious militia group which calls itself National Liberation Front (FLN) killed three Rwandans at Rwegere Village, on the outskirts of the Nyungwe Forest, Nyabimata Sector, Nyaruguru District in the Southern Province.

The militia spokesperson Callixte Nsabimana aka Major Sankara proudly declared himself as the mastermind and that FLN was aiming at weakening a legitimate government of Rwanda and eventually capture power.

Rusesabagina Paul together with Faustin Twagiraungu

Nsabimana was later in April 2019 arrested and is now before courts of law where he revealed several other figures behind FLN militia including Paul Rusesabagina who was recently brought to Rwanda for terror charges.

During the attack, Munyaneza Fidèle, former President of Nyabimata Sector Council was killed, Anathole Maniriho in charge of education at Nyabimata School Complex and Joseph Habimana while many other residents were left with injuries.

The group also destroyed property including a RAV4 car and a cooperative’s structure which were set on fire.

Ahead of the crackdown in early 2018 in Australia, a campaign was launched to raise funds to support the activities of the FLN terrorist group by the so called Rwandan Movement for Democratic Change (MRCD).

Amiel Nubaha was the president of the Rwandan Association of Queensland in Australia, a family of both perpetrators and deniers of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

The support was also to make FLN a subsidiary military wing to the MRCD led by Paul Rusesabagina and FaustinTwagiramungu.

At the beginning of the project, the Rwandan Association of Queensland’s fundraisers raised about 40,000 dollars and gave it to Nshimiyimana Jean Baptiste to take it to the Rusesabagina FLN.

FLN terror militia received the funds in June 2018 and used it to carry out massacres of Rwandans in Nyaruguru district.

In the aftermath of the Nyabimata attack, the Rwandan Association of Queensland organized a campaign to continue to raise funds and celebrate the success of their activities as some Rwandans had already been killed in Nyabimata.

Amiel Nubaha, former president of the Rwandan Association of Queensland

on Friday 23/11/2018, Amiel Nubaha, former president of the Rwandan Association of Queensland, invited Rusesabagina at the Griffith University in South Brisbane to lead a discussion on further attacks.

In his address to the participants, Rusesabagina Paul thanked the members of the Rwandan Association of Queensland and urged them to continue use the FLN militias to distabilise security of Rwanda and weaken the government of Rwanda.

On the next day, Rusesabagina met Robert Mukombozi and Gervais Condo of another outfit which calls itself Rwanda National Congress to help him take his terror ideas to the Queensland African Community Council, an African community living in Australia .

Members of the Rwandan Association of Queensland in the meeting

Mukombozi was former Rwandan Association of Queensland and former Queensland African Community Council.

On Sunday, November 25, 2018, Paul Rusesabagina held a meeting with all members of the Rwandan Association of Queensland Logan Diggers in Logan Central.

The group promised him further support and continued commitment to all activities aimed at destabilizing Rwanda, as spelt in the objectives of the Rwandan Association of Queensland.

Rusesabagina has so far been arrested for various terror charges of leading a group and a coalition of extremist militant groups, including the MRCD and PDR-Comfort.

His arrest comes in the wake of Nsabimana Callixte’s self-proclaimed ‘Sankara’ who was also a FLN spokesperson who was also arrested in April 2019.

Although the heads of the terror groups are before justice, justice should also be extended to the sponsors of these terrorist groups especially the Rwandan Association of Queensland in Austria which is made up of Genocide perpetrators and deniers.

The Express News will continue to let you know about other financial supporters of these terrorist groups that aim at destabilizing Rwanda’s security.

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