Golden fashion Dealers we are here to remind you that the well dressed person he/she is consistent and understated. This man has a simple wardrobe: timeless, classic, versatile and completely interchangeable. The well-dressed person will not stick out in a crowd but will always be noticed.

He/she walks with confidence in his clothes, very comfortable and appreciates all aspects of fashion: open minded and flexible, but perhaps not a risk taker.

Neutral colors and classic cuts dominate his wardrobe. The well dressed person ,as with beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Being well dressed is a concept true to the individual. 95% of social experiences, the well-dressed person is king/queen.

Stylish Man:
To understand the stylish man, we must understand the definition of style.

Style (prevailing mode of expression, especially in clothing or a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed) is everything the well-dressed man is – plus a bit more. Style requires: versatility, consistency, appreciation and can be challenging. It often pushes the boundaries of what we consider classic and timeless dressing. This is what separates style from fashion.

Meet us in the City Centre, T2000 building, opposite Sulfo building.
I got a chance to visit the shop there in T2000 building, I found various styles including those of children and Men ‘shoes.

Following to the beauty of the style I myself wondered, the style might be too expensive. Finally I realized that it was false belief , because there is a discount to everything is bought. Extra discount to someone who buys many items.

For instance, in case you buy one shirt, you gain a discount of 25%, whereas when you are shopping more than one you obtain a discount of 35%.

One pair of trousers, discount is 15%, whereas you obtain a discount of 25% when you buy more than one.
NB this discount will be ended during January 2018.

Golden dealers shop we work every day from 07h00 am till midnight 0788318547

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