The Ministry of Disaster Management; MIDIMAR,  advises  the public to prepare perfect water canals and strengthen their roofing to make sure they can resist downpour related disasters.

This remark was delivered during MIDIMAR  support to people affected by downpour which hit numerous parts of Gicumbi District and left up to 55 houses completely destroyed and washed away some of their home tools on Sunday.

The downpour destroyed 44 local streets, 474.2 hectares of different crops, 8 livestocks, 4 water supply lines and 2 bridges in Mukarange, Cyumba, Rubaya and Kaniga sectors of Gicumbi District.

Affected people received non-food items to assist them after an official visit by Hon. Minister, De Bonheur Jeanne d’Arc, Governor of Northern Province; Gatabazi JMV and officials from Army and Police.

Hon. Minister De Bonheur Jeanne d’Arc noted that preventing disasters is possible if people follow standard construction planning while fixing the roofs of their houses and knit them with solid and strong materials.

MIDIMAR donated items including saucepans, blankets, soaps, hygienic tools and various kitchen utensils in order to assist families who are accommodated their neighbors.

The Express News Rwanda


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