The Security advisor to the President of the Republic of Rwanda, Gen James Kabarebe has pointed on armed forces who denied to safely returning to Rwanda and after a long time holding and locking up Rwandans there in foreign countries’ forests.

Gen Kabarebe was speaking to over 500 youth representatives in Northern and Western provinces on Thursday in line with ‘Rubytiruko Menya Amateka yawe’ programme, the initiative that aims to teach youth their history. The discussion was held in Kimisagara youth center.

One of the raised questions is the problem of knowing why until now some Rwandans denied to safely return in their mother country.

Gen Kabarebe says that some of the reasons why some Rwandans are still in foreign countries’ forests include the lack of information that their country needs them, and others were withheld by some so-called politicians who participated in the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi.

Since December last year, Rwanda welcomed a mass of thousands of Rwandans who fled to the Democratic Republic of Congo and among them include some former fighters from the armed forces that include CNRD and their families.
These fighters returned to Rwanda after FARDC, the DRC armies sent strong armed battles to the armed forces that were undermining security in that country. Some of the detained were sent to Rwanda.

Apart from the general citizens, the returned Rwandans include some high level soldiers like Brigadier General Mberabahizi David who was serving in the offices of CNRD armed force, Colonel Gatabazi Joseph who was in charge of military affairs and training in FLN among others.

Gen Kabarebe says that it is a bad act of some people who still withhold citizens in DRC forests, telling them that they will die when they come back to Rwanda.

“It is not easy to find what to do for someone who withheld those people, they are at Mutobo, go there and you will find them, there are Generals, Colonels and more.” He said.

“Politicians withheld citizens in DRC forests calling them refugees, they pass days and nights running together while fighting Mai Mai, because most of the times citizens do not know their rights, they are withheld and locked up,” he said.

He said that most of the times politicians who committed crimes in Rwanda who are in the forests also want to withhold the citizens to stay with them. Other reasons include lack of information for some citizens that their country needs them to move together for its development.

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