Ousted Sudan President Gen. Omar al-Bashir has today appeared in court to defend himself against charges of theft, bribes and possession of loads of foreign currency.

The trial which had been scheduled for Saturday did not take place pending the signing of power sharing deal between the military and civilians.

This is the third time Bashir has appeared in public since his fall. The first one dates back to his arrest last April, and the second to his appearance before the prosecution in June.

The fallen president arrived in court escorted by a water tight security in immaculate white turban.

He appeared behind an iron cage, framed by soldiers, and greeted by the “Allah Akbar” of his supporters in the hall. Supporters whom he responded by chanting the same.

The charges against the former head of state are “possession of foreign currency” and acts of “bribery” and “Influence peddling,” according to the prosecution.

Also today, new charges were slammed onto the former president by one of the investigators.

It is alleged that Bashir received $90million offered to him in several payments by the Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed Ben Salmane, and by his father King Abdullah before him. The former president made no comment.

The next hearing is scheduled for next Saturday.

The Express News


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