First Lady Jeannette Kagame has called on women to embark on new responsibilities that will enable them protect the country from falling into dark times like what happened in the past.

She said that women had been there for household chores, but the uniqueness of Rwanda’s history has enabled them to go beyond.

“We need not to limit our abilities to home chores, we should go beyond that, by taking responsibilities that will help us protect our country’s from falling back into the dark times” she said.

Under the 10th forum of Unity Club, members are discussing about Rwanda’s uniqueness and meeting the development targets.

She said that Rwanda’s journey and its history have enabled togetherness which resulted into uniqueness.

First Lady said that they developed activities and political ideas that enable harmonization among Rwandans.

“We also clarify the root cause of evil that undermined the country and put in place never again measures” she said.

“Being the essence of unity and reconciliation gives us strengths to continue building Rwandanhood. When there is someone contrary to that ideology we should give them much attention, as light holders we should follow and change them so that they join our journey” she urged participants.

She reminded them to focus on their responsibilities under National Strategy for Transformation vision.

“How do we attain uniqueness light and making particularity in our responsibilities? As light holders, what should characterize us as people who changed lifestyle and economy of a Rwandan?” she challenged Unity Club Members.

18 new members welcomed in the club

In her remarks, First Lady welcomed 18 new members saying that they brought new efforts that will help constructing the country.

“We are pleased to partner with you in holding this light lighting for Rwandans” she said.

“Don’t be afraid, this light is not heavy, it is a light that every person carries on their heart to the extent that any person who sees them wishes to participate into this journey” she urged new members.

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