Members of EHG ( EJO HEZA GROUP) are thrilled, ready and excited.They will hold their “2018 Excellence Prize ” edition at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Paris, France, this Saturday, May 12, 2018, from 3pm to 7pm.

This year, 7 Outstanding Rwandans will be awarded. 

When this initiative was launched in 2016, Ejo Heza Group honored only 3 Laureates in the following categories . (Community Leadership Award, Media Award and Humanitarian Award) 

Ejo Heza Group’s jury members select their  laureates very carefully, only Outstanding Rwandans whose actions had  positive impacts in their communities and most importantly in Rwanda,  are honored.

Alice Cyusa , one of the EJO HEZA GROUP Founders told The Express News that :Rwandans living Abroad are called to be good Ambassadors for their  country as well as exemplary and active citizens in their host countries

For this year’s edition – Ejo Heza  Group increased the number of categories of awards  from 3 to 6 :

1. Humanitarian Award (2 candidates were selected)

Honors Rwandans who: 

Demostrate strong commitment to social responsibilities and issues affecting the lives of members of a community.

Create & Participate  in community activities and programs addressing identified needs

2. Community Leadership Award

Honors and recognizes diaspora communities and their leaders who strive to encourage leadership in volunteerism through social activism in their diaspora communities.

3. Media & Literature Award

Honors individuals or organizations for  excellency and purposefulness use of media to tell the real history of Rwandans. 

Media houses or Individuals who promote a positive and constructive image of Rwanda’s rebirth journey

4. Culture Promotion Award

Honorary Prize to acknowledge individuals or communities whose actions, example & efforts contribute to positive and supportive promotion of the Rwandan Culture & Traditions in the Diaspora 

5. Citizen Engagement Award

Symbolically honors Rwandans Living Abroad, who have given dedicated services to others and made a difference and/or significant positive impact in the civic life of a community

6. Health Promotion Award

Recognizes & symbolically honors Diaspora members who demonstrated excellence dedication in accomplishing services in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Rwanda and elsewhere.

Ejo Heza Group hopes  that all will go well as planned; and next year they pledge to work even harder; a new award  category : “Youth Entrepreneurship Award” will be bestowed upon outstanding young entrepreneurs.

Jean Pierre Ndayisenga, EHG’s Coordinator, stated that : “The group’s objectives aim at keeping the Diaspora community engaged and they hope that other Rwandan Diaspora Community members will continue to be inspired, motivated and energized even more, especially the young people, who are the real “Ejo Heza Rwandans”

Those who are interested and would like to know more about our activities and even submit candidacies for future Diaspora Excellence Prizes can reach out to EJO HEZA GROUP by : 

Email :
Tweeter : @ejohezaprize and @excellenceprize

Website : or

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