In an interview that was conducted between the press and the hackers whom their names were held disclosed due to their private matters the suspect revealed on how they sneaked into the celebrity’s Facebook, Instagram, emails and twitter handles not for just usual stocking but purposely to steal their money.

One of the suspect who is in the police custody said that he has hacked the privacy of top celebrities in the country mentioning superstars including King James, Amag the Black, Bruce Melody, Jay Polly, Urban Boys, Arthur Rutura, Luckman, a journalist at Rwanda Television among other celebrities.

“There is a person who stays in Britain whom I hacked and used his number as my WhatsApp number to hack peoples accounts,” he says.

The internet hackers profit the information they had on the victims to benefit from them. “After hearing the information recently, the singer, Amag the black is in conflict with a fellow musician therefore, this was a good way to use him in my interests. I immediately entered into his Instagram account and posted Nizzo’s picture with a caption that this is an artist who took my money,” he says.

“He called me to mediate the issue but I inclined it would be deleted only in exchange of 200,000 Rwf,” he adds.

The hacker says accessing the people’s ID No, Passports automatically makes his hacking process easier than ever.

Mwana Abdullahakim, an accomplice in the cyber theft case who is also under the police custody despite his passive role but he is charged of receiving 1000 USD that was sent to him after stealing them from a foreigner through fraudulent means on the face book.

He says received the stolen money but did not know anything about that money.

Mbabazi Modeste, Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) spokesperson says, the cyber theft crimes are trending with high rates in Rwanda.

He says every Rwandan should stay away with the cybercrimes. He said that it would be better if Rwandans stay away with the cybercrimes and be security conscious and report them whenever found such crimes.

“We request every Rwandan to be curious and reject the calls of the people who promise gifts in exchange of money. You should give out the money only after meeting the person otherwise you will be victimized by the internet fakers,” he says.

He adds that people should not accepts, telephone, online transaction without meeting with the people face to face

“I have managed to steal an amount of money worth one million from hacking,” he says.

He say cyber thefty are one of the major criminal ommissions that attracts heavy punishments according to Penal code anyone convicted of the cyber crimes is punished with an imprisonment from 5-7 years and fine of 1000,000 Rwf to 5000,000 Million Rwf.

According to the International Telecommunications Union report released last year stated that global internet there are three billion (44 per cent of the world’s population) and half of them are from developing countries.

The Express News


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