The African Union head says Congo’s neigbhours had sufficient interest to be concerned with the situation in the vast central African nation.

Kagame says an internal agreement leading to the end of incumbent Jospeh Kabila seems to have lost ground after other parties raised doubt.
« I think there have been efforts to bring the Congolese…different groups together in order to agree how to move forward.
« I think they have secured some kind of agreement as to how they move forward. Now the problem has shifted to being, is this agreement going to be implemented? Because there are signs that yes, people have reasons to be doubtful.
« So what the African Union wants is to pursue that route where the internal situation… their leaders continue to talk. The international community has already been engaged, » he said.
Kagame says Congo’s neigbours were watching the situation with keen interest.
« It’s a big problem we don’t know how it will be addressed but maybe as we discuss the leaders of Congo are listening. They should be thinking what we need to do.
« Also maybe let people know where they can help to resolve that problem because Congo’s problems are not just Congo’s problems. They affect us as well, as neigbours, » he said.
Kagame adds, « Congo has nine neigbhours. Each one of us is affected by what is happening in Congo. There is no question about that; some [neigbhours are affected] more than others but everybody is affected.
« That’s why neigbhours have legitimacy to do something or say something about it. And if we can figure out as neigbours how to help in the transition in Congo to happen without affecting us or affecting them so badly then that’s what we should be looking at. »
Popular Congolese opposition leader Moise Katumbi also attended the Mo Ibrahim Foundation event and when he was called upon to discuss the situation, he said, « I think I don’t have anything to add at the moment. I think the President has said everything. »

Zambia, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo Brazzaville, Tanzania, Uganda, Angola, Sudan, Central African Republic and South Sudan all border the DRC.

By Charles Sakala

The Express News


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