In the framework of remembrance victims of the Genocide against tutsi Kwibuka24, yesterday CNLG’s Executive Secretary Dr Jean Damascène Bizimana gave a lecture to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Trade and Industry ‘s staff, reflecting on the Genocide against Tutsi in 1994.

On this occasion, the Executive Secretary of Executive Secretary of The National Commission for the Fight against Genocide, Dr JD Bizimana explained the criteria that characterize genocide, and differentiate it from other crimes. He detailed the particular case of the genocide against the Tutsi of Rwanda.

Dr. Bizimana explained different strategies that can be used in the fight against genocide ideology, with a focus on the important role played by diplomacy.

He also requested Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and East African Community to reinforce programs such as NdiUmunyarwanda, especially to target the young generation of Rwandans living abroad who have difficulty accepting the past and moving forward.

Minister of trade and Industry Vincent Munyeshyaka appreciated Dr.Bizimana ‘s presentation and insisted on the importance of remembering and having such discussions that contribute to fighting genocide ideology.

Nduhungirehe MoS in Rwanda MFA and Vincent Munyeshyaka, Rwanda Trade &Industry Minister

Rwandans and friends of Rwanda are in weeklong activities to remember the Genocide against the Tutsi, 24 years after the atrocities claimed more than a million lives in 100 days.

In this first week of commemoration, all flags in Rwanda, at foreign embassies, at Rwandan embassies and high commissions and various organizations flied at half-mast.

Kwibuka24: the theme is Remember, Unite, Renew” which embraces country’s resolve for “Never Again”, for the unity and reconciliation, fighting against Genocide Ideology, and most especially, paying tribute to Genocide victims and supporting the Genocide survivors.

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