A bi-weekly American business periodical, Forbes magazine has named city of Kigali on top list of first 20 best places to visit.

The exclusive list, drawn up based on sales and client aspirations, was made by travel agents of the Ovation Travel Group, a 35-year-old $1.4 billion travel company.

International travel is a big trend for 2020, says Paul Metselaar, the CEO of Ovation Travel Group.

“Kigali is clean, safe and filled with enlightening cultural experiences from world-class modern art galleries to fashion, local crafts and even a coffee co-op run by women making the world’s best coffee,” Judy Stein, president of the Stein Collective, an affiliate of Ovation Travel Group, told Forbes newspaper.

“Rwanda in general and Kigali as the capital gateway city have really come into their own since the genocide a generation ago,” Stein added.

Rwanda for the last 10 years has invested in the world class hospitality facilities and hotels including the recently opened Singita Kwitonda lodge with favorably the cold climates of 15 degrees Celsius in Musanze district, One&Only’s Nyungwe House in Nyamasheke District, for wildlife exploration, especially gorilla trekking.

Speaking talking to the press, the Mayor of the City of Kigali, Pudence Rubingisa, said, Rwanda’s incredible touristic attraction is becoming an ideal destination for travellers from around the world because of the tireless work by the country to meet their demand.

According to RDB, 1.7 million people visited Rwanda in 2018, representing an 8 per cent growth from the previous year.

Rwanda is home to hundreds of mountain gorillas as well as several national parks teeming with wildlife of all kinds.

The country also boasts the Big Five following the successful translocation of certain species to the Akagera National Park.

Most of these parks are less than two hours’ drive from the capital.

Other destinations on the Forbes’ list besides Rwandan capital city Kigali include Cape Town, Patagonia, Marrakech, Tel Aviv, Atacama Desert and Tokyo.

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