Rwanda National Police (RNP), the City of Kigali (CoK) and the districts of Nyarugenge, Gasabo and Kicukiro yesterday launched the eighth edition of the Security and Hygiene campaign for the CoK.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP) in-charge of Administration and Personnel Juvenal Marizamunda and vice Mayor in charge of Finance and Economic development, Parfait Busabizwa, the mayors of the three districts that compose Kigali city graced the occasion at an event held at the City Hall.

The campaign will be focusing mostly on public sensitization on hygiene and security under the theme: “Keeping Kigali City Clean, Green and Safe.

The 8th campaign shall aim at ensuring the consistent and participatory improvement of hygiene and security by outstanding institutions working in synergy with active and responsible community officials said.

Speaking at the function, the Deputy Police Chief said though a lot has been achieved since 2011 when the campaigns first began, a lot more needs to be done to close the existing gaps in the area of security and hygiene.

He said when looked at broadly there is an evident link between “a clean environment to a healthy body and a secure body and environment”.

He said where there is no sanitation and hygiene, people are at risk of easily contracting diseases, and that a “sick person is an insecure one.”

He urged all stakeholders to uphold the realization of the previous campaigns but also raise the campaign a notch higher in the face of the existing hygiene and security gaps that still in our midst.

“Together, we have achieved a lot in the previous campaigns which have contributed to the safety and welfare of CoK and visitors,” the deputy police chief said. “However, we are still faced with challenges of drug abuse, excessive abuse of alcohol leading to several crimes, we at RNP will continue putting many efforts in addressing these issues and invite everybody to collaborate,” he said.

Parfait Busabizwa, The Vice Mayor reiterated that the campaign shall be improved to ensure hygiene and security at the village levels is achieved in what he termed as “extending hygiene beyond public places but to the households”

Achievements of the 7th campaign

CoK and RNP inspected public places to ensure pavement are done where 60 schools, 44 health facilities, 125 churches, and 78 petrol stations constructed pavements around their premises.

During the previous campaign also 1922 public toilets were constructed and 194 public dustbins were Installed.

Officials reported that the community mobilization improved waste collecting, subscription, and payment raised to 137,099.

However, more is needed to be done to raise community awareness since it was realized that there is insufficient hygiene in public food premises such as restaurants and bars.

Maintenance of greening especially in, schools, health centers, roads, and business centers need to be improved.

In the area of urban security, building stronger and functioning community policing committees, community night patrols, fight drug abuse, domestic violence, noise pollution, the sale of alcoholic drinks to minors, fire outbreak, public order management and promoting road security will be maintained.

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