Nyungwe rainforest park is located in the Southwestern region of Rwanda, at an elevation of over 1600m, sounds and sights collaborate to create a magic experience as you journey through the majestic rainforest.

The park holds the source of Africa’s great rivers, feeding the Nile in the east and Congo river in the west, and is known as the most endemic species -rich in Africa.

For so long the people who lived around the Nyungwe area was considered to be remote and underdeveloped hence they could not access the social amenities include electricity, safe water, medicine, schools, Hospitals and other facilitates in the past. Thus, in a period of the 20 years’ things has changed tremendously. However, despite the existing developments citizens were alerted to conserve the developments that has been reached.

The area is fertile and favorable for major cash crops like wheat sorghum, tea plantation and coffee.

Francis Kaboneka, the Minister of the Local Government, told the citizens, that they should build on the existing developments to go further. We are requesting you to collaborate with the government to prevent and stay away with the crimes.

“There is no one who will defeat us when we are collaborative what you see is because of the collaboration,” he says.

National Police, Spokesperson, Commissioner, Theos Badege, while responding on the previous skirmish attacks in the area last week, assured citizens of the security and protection. All areas around Nyungwe are very peaceful and stable stay comfort. The sovereignty of country is protected 100% therefore worry not. “Those who think otherwise is what they wish but it’s not the fact but happened minor crimes involved with misbehaving but there is nothing big, he added.

One of the citizens, says, the access to infrastructural development and social benefits is because of the good leadership. They denied us the Hospitals saying that it’s the area for primates. But for now our president Paul Kagame has given us plenty of things.

“We are here well off enough in all aspects enjoying the drink of the local beer happy chatting with the relatives and friends and anyone who bring confrontations we would quickly report him or her to the authority,” he says.

The park boasts ecosystems from rainforest, bamboo, grassland, swamps and bog habitats.

It’s a home to Orchids among 1,000 other plant species, habituated chimpanzees and 12 other primate (including the 400 strong troops of black and white colobus monkey) , and 75 different species of mammals . It is a birder’s paradise with over 310 species of which the 27 are Albertine Rift endemics including the Ruwenzori Turaco and Double -collored sunbirds, Grauer’s and Swamp warbler

By Mike Urinzwenimana
The Express News


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