Written by Robert Zingani

A well known season politician who is also eyed by many to be a presidential torchbearer of the main opposition party in Malawi, Doctor George chaponda has launched his book at mount Soche Hotel in Blantyre. Speaking during the launch of a book which is titled “The struggle for Economic Independence and Development in Malawi, He said it is high time for him as a human being to enlighten the citizens of African in general so that no one must left behind in terms of development and economic independence. ” it is amused that after several years of political stability and most peaceful nation with sound social_economic development policies, the country is still very far from economic-self sufficiency ” chaponda lamented.

He further said that, tangible development can only be achieved if the human indicators that support economic independence are in place, such as progression in health,education, social_safety,timely access to food and health products among others.

Chaponda urged the leaders to provide and implement sound development policies that made China as a country to move from underdevelopment and and extreme poverty to become one of the most highly rated emerging global economies of the world

The ceremony of the book which attracts many people was graced by different scholars from within and outside the country’s universities and also some chiefs including Senior chief Nthiramanja of mulanje district where George chaponda is currently a member of Parliament.

Chaponda once also served in different ministerial portfolio during the the tenure of Doctor Bakili Muluzi, Doctor Bingu wa Mutharika and Professor Peter Mutharika.


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