The threat of Breast cancer looms over Africa at an astonishing rate.

No matter where the woman is from, the challenges of health, family and love can act as a unifying link that bonds them.

The encounter between Claris Enimency from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Philippa Kibugu Decuir is an amazing story of hope and promise.

Claris is in Rwanda to learn everything about breast cancer awareness and education because she is determined to join the fight against breast cancer
and to eliminate its devastating impact on her people. “I am in Rwanda because I feel for my people, something Good is happening here and I want it for my people”

Claris had the opportunity to participate in one of October Breast Cancer Awareness, activities presented by Breast Cancer Initiative East Africa (BCIEA) held in Kigali in October and plans to do similar events in Kinshasa, this month.

Speaking at the event she called the government and people of Rwanda for supporting the Fight Against Breast Cancer.

She applauds BCIEA for the ten great years of hope and service and looks forward to ten more greater years of Congo-Rwanda partnership in the Fight Against Breast Cancer.

After intense research online and visit to Philippa’s web site, a world renowned cancer physician, researcher and author.

Clavis realized that she had a story that was somehow similar to Philippa’s story and was inspired.

In Congo, she discovered, breast cancer is the second in cancer mortality and yet not much is known about it.

“People don’t talk about this disease; they are shy about it.” Claris is convinced that if she can learn as much as possible, she can become the voice to the voiceless, encourager and motivator to her people to become aware, informed and take charge of their health by practicing early detection Practices of loving and valuing their lives, knowing their bodies so that if they see or feel and changes they can promptly seek medical help.

Claris has a degree in Hospital Management. Her dream had been to be a medical doctor for cancer.

The mysterious death of her cousin diverted her attention to the world of medicine. She has now a degree in Hospital management and a breast cancer activist and an oncologist.

Claris from RDC

Claris believes an educated woman shouldn’t fail to trace and detect early signs of a cancer or seek treatment promptly. She wondered how if this could happen, how about the women in villages in Congo?

She was compelled to consult Philippa on what to do. “Somebody has to do something about breast cancer in Congo,” She told him Philippa.

Fortunately, she become that ‘Somebody and even more’, a cancer activist, an oncologist.

Claris says Rwandans and Congolese must stand together in the Fight Against Breast cancer for the good of their people and entire continent of Africa.

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