Rwandan dance troupe Indatwa put on a fantastic display of traditional dance at the 2020 Wanneroo festival this weekend. Introduced by Australia’s favourite Rastaman Ras Banamungu, they ably demonstrated the pride and passion they have for their home country and all it’s works. The large appreciative audience showing their approval with great cheers and applause, they left behind some wonderful memories for all who witnessed their energetic performance.

Featuring in Ras Banamungu’s latest video ‘My Sunshine’, he joined them on stage briefly as the ladies spotlighted their their individual dancers. Wanneroo’s regular International festival was being held in joyful recognition of the diverse cosmopolitan nature of Western Australia and indeed all of that great and pleasant land.

Alongside dancers and acts from all over the globe, Ras Banamungu and the ladies of Indatwa put on an excellent entertaining show that highlighted the very best of Rwanda’s ex-pat community. Dancing out into the audience at one point, their smiling interactions brought the reception they much deserved.

We are certain to hear and see more of them in the near future as Ras is to feature them once again in his next video for his song ‘I in Need of Thee’. We look forward to it’s release in the not-too-distant future.


The Express News


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