A new communique from the police has indicated that 19 rebels are already shot to death by the security forces as 5 five caught red handed in the counter-attack at Musanze district.

The Police communique further show that 14 people are yet the new number of the victims who have so far succumbed to the Musanze skirmish attack by unidentified rebels.

The Police has not yet revealed if the attackers are Kinyarwanda speakers However, according to the local residents in the area of Musanze, the attackers were speaking Kinyarwanda, with fluent accent.

The Police statement signed by Spokesman CP John Bosco Kabera, wrote that among those who were killed some was at their homes and attackers used traditional weapons to kill the residents.

The traditional weapons that were used including machetes and stones. “This is a sign of the grave hostility of the attackers. The operation of searching who ever has a connection with the attackers is continuing and the security in the area is very tight,” the communique further states.

The attackers targeted areas of a tourist hub where visitors visit the park to tour rare Gorilla’s in Kaguhu cell in Kinigi sector and Kabazungu cell in Musanze sector – all in Musanze district, northern province.

The first official statement about the attack was from the Police at 11:29 am on Friday.


The Express News


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