With 48thWorld Economic Forum on its last day many different states, leaders and dignitaries around the world have had opportunities to meet and discuss diplomatic issues regarding them and Rwanda was no exception as President Kagame have done so far.

President Kagame have up to this 4th day of 48thWorld Economic Forum met different world dignitaries notably Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Nyetanyau, David Cameroon former British Prime Minister, IFAD president Gilbert Houngbo, Jack Ma Cairman and founder of Alibaba group, Erna Soleberg Norwegian Prime Minister, Swiss President Alain Berset, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister HailemariamDesalegn, Deputy Russia’s Prime Minister ArkadyDvorkovich and Gianni Infantino the FIFA president among others.
President Kagame has said the exchanges he had with the above mentioned and non-mentioned people to have been productive and are important such that they connect Rwanda with many friends and partners who attends.
Reports have said that the meeting of President Kagame and Israel PM have also tackled the issue of deportation of Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekersof which Rwanda have been for many times linked with the secret deal to host them.Reports that the government of Rwanda has recently denied. The two leaders agreed that the deportation could only happen in accordance with international laws.
There have been a meeting this morning in Davos, Switzerland in World Economic Forum between President Kagame and the USA President Donald Trump ofwhich the USA president said to have held great discussions.In the discussion of Friday trade and Africa-US relationship were a matter on table with Kagame officially taking the helm of African Union later this month.President Kagame commend the US contribution to international development and of Rwanda and pledged close collaboration of AU member states with the US.
World Economic Forum has been obvious a great opportunity for diplomacy boost for Rwanda and other countries including superpowers were no exceptions as Trump met the UK Prime Minister Teresa May on Thursday whereby Syria conflict, Iran’s “destabilizing” behaviour, and the North Korean nuclear threat, National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster told reporters.
Trump also met on Thursday,Israel Prime minister and their talks were merely based on Israel-Palestine relationship where the former reiterated peace negotiations to be essential for settlement of peace in the Middle East. Trump threatened to suspend the aid for Palestine if the country remains adamant to sit to the table of negotiations.

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