Police in Huye District have arrested a Ugandan business woman in connection with possession and circulating counterfeit currencies.

The suspect identified as Justine Nalwoga was arrested at Akanyaru border on August 10 as she attempted to exchange the dollars to Burundian francs.

“She claimed she was traveling from Kenya to Burundi for work but before she could enter Burundi she wanted to exchange the dollars to Burundian francs but the money changers at the border who identified the fake bills immediately alerted the police,” said the Southern Region Police Spokesperson, Inspector of Police (IP) Emmanuel Kayigi.

He added that Nalwoga had several currencies but the 3,150 dollars were fake.

Nalwoga is currently held at Nyagisozi police station as police investigations proceeds

A few days ago Police in Ngororero arrested a 46 year old man over the same charge. The suspect,  Aphrodis Serihamye, was caught red-handed in possession of Rwf14, 000, in the denomination of Rwf2, 000, all counterfeit.

Although police have made several arrests, the central bank recently announced that the rate of currency counterfeit is still very law.

Statistics from National Bank of Rwanda indicate that the threat of counterfeiting of Rwandan currency remains as low as 0.001% of currency in circulation.

Article 604 of the Rwandan penal code states that using or circulating, by any means, items misrepresented as money or negotiable instruments shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of two to five years and a fine of two to ten times the value of the counterfeit money.

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