Rwanda has many opportunities for both residents and Rwandan community living abroad. These opportunities are seen in all districts and provinces. One of the areas Rwandan community living abroad can notice is Kamonyi District that is located in Southern Province.

The Express News has found better to know more about the district and conducted an exclusive interview with Thadee Tuyizere, the vice mayor of Kamonyi District in charge of Economic and finance development.

He described the district as a neighbor to Kigali City districts and other districts from Northern and Southern provinces. Nyarugende, Rulindo and Gakenke, Muhanga, Ruhango, Bugesera districts are very close to Kamonyi.

The district has many opportunities for Rwandans living in diaspora as it is the middle bridge that links business people with buyers. When you leave Kigali to Southern province you pass to Kamonyi and when you go to the Western province, you can pass by Kamonyi. Its 6 sectors are on the left side of the main road and the other 6 sectors on the right side.

“So, for business people it is easy to take their products on the markets and you know Kamonyi is near Muhanga, the secondary city after Kigali. We also have a good sand and stones for construction dubbed ‘URUGARIKA’stones and Kayumbu sand. The sand is also useful to produce crafts.

The district is also a good touristic destination as Ijuru Rya Kamonyi. The place hosted kings for a long time in the past. That history can motivate investors as it can be good to build hotels there. Other touristic areas known in Kamonyi District include Ibitare bya Mashyiga, Ishyamba ry’urukaragata, Ibiti bitanu, Ikiryamo cy’inzovu among others.

“Kamonyi encourages Agriuculture and Livestock, having all the varieties of the crops especially vegetables. We have many marshlands and a big space of 711 hectares well prepared. We have many more that we drain day to day. We have 56,000 cows, 6 milk collection centres. It is easy for an investor who can need to set up a dairy business. We have poultry livestock for meat and eggs and we need people to invest in that.” Tuyizere said.

He said that the gap is in investment sector and encourages all interested investors to come and partner with the district.

“They can work with present investors in Kamonyi and invest in kodern agriculture, industries, crafts, hospitality. We have small factories of maize processing and we need big investors to come venture into maize farming and processing. There are many opportunities to facilitate these activities and on top is the country’s security, good governance, easing services to our investors, etc.” Tuyizere said, adding that they are ready to facilitate Rwandans from diaspora when they come to run their businesses.

His special message to Rwandan community in diaspora is that “Rwanda will be built by its citizens. Doors are open for everyone interested and we are ready to support and facilitate the process,” he added.

Kamonyi district has 2 sectors, 59 cells, 317 villages and 655.5 km of surface, 386,531 populations, as well as 86,947 households with 590 citizens per1meter square.

The Express News


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