Jean Paul Nsanzabarinda, left Belgium to Rwanda, his native country since 2013. He lives in Ruyenzi-Kamonyi and was born in Gitega Sector, Nyarugenge District.

Nsanzabarinda says that he decided to return to Rwanda as home country by himself. He wanted to start implementing some projects he was thinking as of worth value in his native country.

In a detailed interview with The Express News, he said he came in Rwanda as a vacation period where he was with his friends-white people from Belgium and they loved Rwanda in a way that they wished to run some activities there.

“I had had some business ideas in my mind already before we came, I tried and some of white people liked that. Since I arrived in Belgium, I studied and got various certificates in line with technics and I performed various works from different European Industries. I later became a teacher and I continued teaching when I reached to Rwanda. When I came, I wanted to work in construction, but when I arrived, I heard of a bad news of a child who died of electricity, then I put my efforts in preventing such accidents where I established a society dubbed ‘AZ electrical and sanitation,” he said.

He said that in his vision, he does not want any person to be killed by home electricity, and to be able to prevent thunder accidents.

He is happy to partner with INKERAGUTABARA who gives him an occasion to implement all these activities to strive for human safety.

Nsanzabarinda is always unhappy to tell his colleagues to come back in Rwanda and deny, he said that even the vacation in Rwanda can motivate them to return and stay.

“I can request them to come for a vacation period and experience a present life here. My children were born in Belgium and when I used to tell them to go to visit Rwanda as my home country they denied. Nowadays after they came and see, they need to come with their friends. So, Rwandans who are still denying to come back to Rwanda, they will need to come when it will be hardly for them to access the development the country is making.” He noted.

Future dreams

Nsanzabarinda wishes that everyone from where he lives especially children can have happiness, saying that happiness is a key to human being’s life.

“Children are ours, we all must give them whatever possible so that they stay happy, on my side I will try to make them happy, do sports, and everything they want,” he said, adding that he has achieved his objectives at 70 percent and will achieve more by the end of this year.

He commends efforts by local government authorities in supporting him to run activities. He said that good customer care services and how people attend to him are too motivating.

“That is the first support an investor needs when he/she wants to run activities in a given location. I may wish that they can continue the same way.” Nsanzabarinda said.

The Express News


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