Board members of Rwanda Journalists Association (ARJ) are fully supporting the decision made by its Executive committee to dismiss Mr.Gonzague Muganwa, the association’s Executive Secretary.

Gonzague Muganwa was fired last week by ARJ’s committee, citing the reasons of failure to accomplish his work’s responsibilities and duties, failure to sustain relationship with stakeholders among others.

The meeting whose objectives were to dismiss Muganwa was held May 1, 2020 and gathered the board committee, audit committee and conflict resolution board. Participants supported the decision to fire Gonzague Muganwa and approved that the handover will be made on due time as explained in the letter dismissing Muganwa.

The meeting’s decisions and recommendations also included the management of ARJ activities which will be done by the board committee; and the outgoing Executive Secretary will be only preparing handover documents while the board committee was recommended to hire new staff through official competitions of professional journalists.

The meeting also concluded that the position of Executive Secretary is meant for competition, encouraging interested members of ARJ to participate in the competitions that are coming soon.
Members of the board committee appreciated the role of Gonzague Muganwa in some of ARJ’s activities and encouraged him to continue giving his support/contribution to the association as a member.

In a statement he released yesterday on social media, Prof Malonga who is also among the leaders of ARJ advised journalists to use accurate communication instead of spreading speculations and harming their fellow colleagues with any kind of stigmatization.
“ON BROTHER Muganwa’s case as it appeared on this and other groups this week, kindly let me tell you, the following CLEAR FACTS:

“Moreover, let none of us use defamations and insults against fellow comrades and journalists as we saw it (kuvumba no kurara mu kabari, ibyanwa etc … ) to avoid this uncivilized and unethical, petty and vulgar language.” Malonga warned journalists.

“Finally, I strongly believe that at the time our Country and whole World is faced with Covid 19 pandemic, we should courageously move from speculations and stigmatisation of any kind but rather communicate accurately and responsibly. Rumormongering and fake news on this platform should be dealt with if we have to uphold our dignity and credibility!” he concluded.

Prof. Malonga embarked on this message following the decision of Rwanda Journalist Association (ARJ) to dismiss its Executive Secretary Mr.Gonzaga Muganwa where many journalists started to raise mixed concerns including insulting words over Muganwa’s dismissal.

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Further advice

In an interview with Prof. Malonga on telephone, he advised journalists to not produce and spread fake news as fake news is spread by fake people. “They must instead report accurately and responsibly.” He noted.

I can see that the future of ARJ journalism and Journalism as good, basing on internet and ICT development as well as further innovations journalists are making,” he said.

Joseph Hakuzwumuremyi, the ARJ member of disciplinary committee in the interview with IGIHE said that they were convinced that Muganwa failed to accomplish his responsibilities.

“We were explained and convinced by the ARJ leading committee that Muganwa failed to accomplish his tasks as the Executive Secretary, on behalf of ARJ as association, and on behalf of journalists, we supported the decision to dismiss him and hire someone else to exercise this job position,” Hakuzwumuremyi said.

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