Drugs are chemicals that affect a user’s body and brain not let alone the people who care about him/her. Different drugs have different effects including health problems that are long-lasting and permanent.
Today, more than 7 million people suffer from drug disorder and one in four deaths results from illicit drug use. In fact, more deaths, illnesses and disabilities are associated with drug abuse than any other preventable health condition depending on how it is used and how much taken, it can damage almost every organ of the body.
Talking about health conditions, the side effects of drugs may include: a weakened immune system, increasing the risk of illnesses and infections, heart conditions whether abnormal heart rates to Heart attacks, blood vessel infections from injected drugs and increase strain on the liver which results into liver damage or liver failure, lung diseases and other health problems.

The brain performs and interfere with a person’s ability to make choices whereas all drugs_ nicotine, cocaine, marijuana and others affect the brain circuit, which is part of the limbic system that affect instinct and mood of a person. Drugs target this system causing large amounts of dopamine_ a brain chemical that helps regulate emotions and feelings of pleasure to flood the brain which causes a “high” and alcohol exposure can impact the unborn babies in pregnant women. Wherever the brain is affected, the person’s behavior also changes and those changes lead to multiple disorders both in short-term and long term. Those behavioral problems include: paranoia where a person loose his mind and may not be able to think properly or do things normally like other any other normal human beings and most of times, these people start hallucinating, seeing and hearing things that are not there at all.
Loss of control is one of dangerous effects of consuming so much drugs on a consumer’s life and his community. Taking examples, most of raped teenagers and women claim to experience this tragedy with mostly drug addicted individuals and not only these people can rape but can also go to extend of killing if what they want is not done they tend to do every possible violence to their victims in everyway their destructed brain tells them to and at the end will also end up in jail spending their lifetime doing nothing at all for themselves and their community. The effects of using drugs have serious consequences in the person’s workplace and his own family by denying his own responsibilities at hand, creating fights and arguments that are unnecessary and sometimes not knowing what to do or not to in certain cases resulting into loss of his job making him unemployed which comes with even more issues whether on his side and the country’s development.
I know you may have already heard about these side effects of abusing drugs. But how much do you truly know? Understanding the full effects of these substances could change your life for better. You may think that your drinking habits are not destructive, or your drug use is “just for fun” but this is not the case. The fact is that, while it may seem that drugs are making you feel better, they are actually causing long term damage and you are better off without it. So, before reaching for that bottle or that pipe don’t forget that it can change everything from your body to your bank account for the worst.

By Marie Aimée KEZA

The views expressed in thisarticle are of the author.

The Express News


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