Minister of Local Government called upon Residents of Gicumbi sector to calaborate with leaders as good means look for the solution of their ploblem.

“Take part in preparing and implementing national development planning for it is the only and sure way that provides durable solutions to problems affecting you as individuals and the country in general” he called.

Minister of Local Governance, Prof. Anastase Shyaka as he addressed residents of Bukure Sector in Gicumbi District as he launched at the national level the ‘Citizen Participatory Planning 2019-2020’, a program through which citizens discuss and suggest priorities to be addressed in the 2019/20 fiscal year.

“As Rwandans, we all need to create solutions of our problems through our own abilities. Citizens collaboration with leaders is an urgent need to implement the planning that seeks to resolve problems and get durable solutions,” Minister Shyaka said.

For Prof. Shyaka, if there is a development activity citizens want to get like schools, roads among other activities that need citizens’ participation, they should do it by themselves and not wait for aid without playing their part.

He urged them to always participate in Umuganda monthly community activities and contribute to them using their own materials as the Government will intervene with funding. “This will help the country achieve targets set as fast as possible,” he said.

For instance, Minister Shyaka said, Rwandan citizens contributed 62% to the budget used in the construction of the Nine and 12 years’ basic education classrooms nationwide.

The Minister of State in charge of Economic Planning in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN), Dr. Claudine Uwera said that when citizens take part in planning and implementing development activities, they also play a role in protecting and preserving the achieved activities which make the development sustainable.

During discussions, residents of Bukure Sector requested for a nursery, primary and secondary school with a university, electricity, tarmac roads, and industries among other wishes.

“This program that involves citizens’ participation in planning is very good. In the first days, we were not properly approached. When they come back to show us what can be implemented among the priorities we raise, we will take our part to the highest level as we know we will be working for ourselves,” said Frodouard Hategekimana, a resident of Rwesero Cell in Bukure Sector.

When the Ministry of Local Governance ends the Participatory Planning 2019-2020 program, priorities suggested will be studied on a national level and share with citizens what will be done accordance with the country’s financial means and they contribute in their implementation.

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