A group of Musanze born students has opened a Library which has a children section to inspire the infants reading culture.

‘Agati’ library was opened in Musanze town last week by the district officials, children books authors and teachers.

Marie Claire Uwamariya, Vice Mayor, In Charge of social affair, Musanze District, says, Children’s library was timely and welcome since there was no libraries in the area.

She says the children’s library will help build children’s reading spirit. “A tree is corrected when it is still young. Therefore, those children need more to do with the books to instill reading culture among them,” she adds.

She adds children hardly forget the knowledge that is learnt from the books than the adults. “However, advised that the Kinyarwanda literature is best suitable for the young children. A child will understand better other languages after exhausting the mother tongue,” she adds.

Risa Sonoda, Japan International Coperation Agency, (JICA) Volunteer in youth, sports and Culture unit, Musanze District, while giving the case study of children’s libraries in Japan, says, Japan has many children libraries something says has boosted the reading culture especially among young students.

She say reading help young children boost their thinking capacity, problem solving and creativity among themselves. Therefore, libraries are necessary.

“Thus, due to the revolutions of the technology access of the online digital library platform, would be better in Rwanda. This will enable children search for books, read or listen to brief extracts about the books before visiting the library,” she advised.

Denyse Umuhuza, Author of the children’s books and co-founder of the Agati Library, says, they were inspired by the need to bridge the gap of lack of the reading materials in the area.

“We were being asked by the parents and residence in the area that their children have no books to read making walk miles to go to Kigali to shop books for their children,” she adds.

Ildephonse Bwana kweri, a teacher at Bukani, in Musanze district, says, the library will help boost students knowledge and performance through reading various literatures while young.

“This library’ has a potential to empower children and young people to grow into the great people they aspire to be through education,” he adds.

“Agati” literally translated as small or upcoming tree is Kinyarwanda, is an initiative of a group of six young adults who grew up and live in Musanze district, and always yearned to have a library in their community to improve literacy of the young students and positively impact generations to come.

By Mike Urinzwenimana

The Express News


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