The Minister of Gender and Family Promotion, Esperance Nyirasafari said that the ideal of Umugoroba w’Ababyeyi (evening of parents), a social cohesion should be given value and strengthened to drive the agenda of togetherness in ensuring community safety and development.

 The Minister made the remarks on September 10 in Nyamagabe District, where she attended and addressed Umugoroba w’Ababyeyi in Bwama Cell in Kamegeri.
The community gathering was also attended by the Minister of Health, Dr. Diana Gashumba, the Governor of Southern Province Marie Rose Mureshyankwano, Mayor of Nyamagabe Philbert Mugisha and the District Police Commander, Supt. François Segakwaya.
Similar Umugoroba w’Ababyeyi, organized by the district local authorities and security organs including Police and army, was held concurrently in all cells of Nyamagabe.

Minister Nyirasafari urged the residents to desist from family conflicts and fight anything that can fuel domestic wrangles.

 She also challenged parents to act responsibly and give parental care to their children to direct them towards the right path.
 “You should all own the ideal of ensuring conflict-free households and crime-free communities; families and communities that strive for the rights of everyone including children and women; this is what Umugoroba w’Ababyeyi strives for,” Minister Nyirasafari said.

She advised the youth to desist from malpractices such as sexual acts which results from unwanted pregnancies and early parenthood; HIV infections and school dropouts.

 The Minister also warned parents and guardians, who get their children out of school to engage them in commercial activities or domestic chores, which accounts to “child labour.”

“Children should be in school not in child labour activities that shapes them into criminals like drug abusers and dealers. The universal education was adopted to ensure that every child get education to become better people that the country needs to transform their country,” she said.

In an interview, the DPC said that the social cohesion is instrumental in driving community policing efforts and bringing the people together to watch out for each other through Neighborhood Watch.

“Through Umugoroba w’ababyeyi, conflicting couples and families are counseled and reunited; criminals are reported; parents who take their children out of school are reported and children identified and taken back to school; drug dealers are also reported and arrested,” Supt. Segakwaya said.

 Conceived in 2010, Umugoroba w’Ababyeyi was initially an evening that set aside to bring women together to talk and explore ways to support each other.
 What was originally a simple evening was developed and broadened further to involve men and sometimes children, and, in March 2013, Umugoroba w’Ababyeyi was officially born.

The Express News


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