Rwanda with a vision to maintain a clean, healthy and wealthy environment has by law banned the use of biodegradable plastic bags in 2008; thus the citizens being introduced to the use of paper bags.

Now a days, it has turned to be our culture that whenever a customer buys an item in a supermarket or a grocery store it’s being packed in a brand new paper bag and this prevents the damage and insures item’s safety.

But in our neighborhoods the service provided is way different; shopkeepers came up with unreliable new way of packaging goods bought by use of old newspapers and thrown inked written on office papers as paper bags.

A customer is like a king and should be given a good service but I doubt this is worth it because these so called dirty paper bags tear easily, the pen ink on them mix with raw food and disintegrate when wet compared to other packaging bags. It is being said that these old newspapers and office papers used as paper bags are picked out from different office dustbins and this definitely exposes our health at risk.

If a shopkeeper is asked why he uses these paper bags responds saying” The khaki and other paper bags seem to be expensive and customers normally don’t buy them, so we decided to use the written on paper bags.”

The Express News


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