Nowadays, Rwandan Community Abroad plays a great role in the development of the country of thousand hills, in various sectors such as health, Education, Social welfare etc.

As days pass Rwandans living abroad get together and think what and where in Rwanda they can contribute in the development of the locals.

For instance, some diaspora members build schools, health centers without forgetting issuing to the local’s health insurance cards.

Liliane Iradukanda is one of them who is Rwanda Community Abroad initiator in Canada, says that she usually come to Rwanda each year with aim of helping Rwandan locals to develop themselves by giving them small livestock and health insurance.

“I thought that I have to contribute on the health sector, in these previous years I did a research and I knew that in Rwanda there is health insurance Knowns as Mutuelle de sante, and I say I have to raise funds and other Rwandans living Abroad can do what I have not manage to do.” She said

Iradukunda said that she used different social platforms namely Facebook in other to motivate others and she used to show them where the beneficiaries live.

Her mobilization results in 2000 health insurance cards donated to the citizens in Rutsiro and other 2000 people got small live stocks.

Iradukunda Said: “We said one individual needs 3000 per year, due to someone’s will he/she may decide either to help the whole family and send them Money. Just like that.”

The idea of giving locals goats is that they will help them to develop themselves since they are soon upbringing out other goats that will be given to other poor families.

At her first helping action Iradukunda was in Nyamasheke district because the ministry of local government directed her there.

The Express News


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