The United States Rwandan Community Abroad (USRCA) raised serious concerns and condemning a lecture about Rwandan Genocide Against Tutsi in 1994 which will take place in Tarrant County College NE Campus located in Hurst, TX.

The talk will be given by a well known Rwandan Genocide denier and negativist, Judi Rever on April 1, 2019.

The Rwandan Community voiced out it’s concerns in a letter addressed to Dr. Eugene Giovannini, Chancellor of the Tarrant County College.

The main concern initially is based on the personal history of the main speaker of the day who is viciously advocate for Genocide denier.

Rever , who practically knows little or basically nothing about Rwanda and the Genocide Against Tutsi history, shouldn’t be given such opportunity to address a college student body!!!

Ms. Judi Rever, an attention-seeker, was little known until she published a controversial book, named ‘In Praise of Blood’, which she claimed to have accessed special insights like that RPF used mobile gas chambers and cremation pits, and that it murdered more than one million people Hutu refugees in DRC, claims that haven’t been discovered nor investigated before, and Judi played absolutely no role in exposing any evidence to prove farther facts.

All these dubious facts are what Rever shares in her presentation, as a self-acclaimed expert on Rwandan Genocide Against Tutsi!

Professor Musiine Yves chairperson of Rwanda Community Abroad in the USA

The community, chaired by Professor John Yves Musiine, has informed Tarrant County College, which will host Ms. Judi, that it is disrespectful to raise a dialogue on Rwandan Genocide Against Tutsi before its official memorial period begin. The lecture is scheduled on April, 1st while the week to commemorate over one million Tutsi who were murdered in Genocide will be one week after, on April 7th as usual.

The letter continued to clarify that inviting someone who denies 1994 Genocide Against Tutsi in Rwanda will be the same as inviting someone who denies Holocaust. It reads, “… allowing someone on your campus that denies the 1994 Genocide Against Tutsi in Rwanda, will be the same as inviting someone on your campus that denies the Jewish Holocaust. We strongly advise and encourage you to cancel this lecture “for the sake of the reputation of your institution”. The letter also suggests that Rwandan community “will be willing to recommend one [speaker] that speaks the truth on the 1994 Genocide Against Tutsi in Rwanda” in case the campus would need an alternative to Ms. Rever.

Emmanuel Muvunyi vice chairperson of Rwanda Community Abroad in the USA

On his stance, the vice president of Rwandan diaspora in USA, Emmanuel Muvunyi, confirmed that their organisation will not cease to protest all denials” activities. He added that “We will never accept any person who denies or confusing people by changing the name of Genocide that happened in Rwanda for his or her own benefits”. During the time the genocide against Tutsi was un-folding, Rever was not in Rwanda, but she speaks with the authority of an eyewitness.

And how about the claim that the RPF murdered more than a million Hutu refugees in the DRC? A fabricated lie that has never been proved anywhere, or investigated.

“She can spare us her crocodile tears by telling her readers that most of the so-called refugees were heavily armed former members of the Rwanda National Army as well as the INTERAHAMWE who slaughtered the Tutsi and sympathetic Hutus, and escaped under the protection of French troops ‘ ~ Vice-President Emmanuel Muvunyi. said.

“In Praise of Blood” is a sensational book that does not fit with reality. It is more evidence that genocide deniers and negationists are a dime a dozen!

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