Only few days remain to welcome students in holidays as the academic year 2019 for primary and secondary schools comes to an end. Some students wish to have discussions with their parents about behavior change.

Daniella Nikita Kabayera is a student in senior one at Elena Guerra Secondary school in Huye District in Southern Province. She is one among the students who need the conversation with parents while in holidays in order to have a true guidance on youth behavior and avoid lures.

“We always need advice from our parents relating how to avoid various temptations facing children, such as drug abuse. We need a time to sit with parents and listen to their advice,” she said.

“Sometimes parents do not care and they can allow children to wherever they want and come back at no matter time they want,” she added.

Armelle Manzi, her classmate also said that parents’ advice is vital to help children stay in holidays without temptations.

“We need that parents tell us how to behave and how we can build good relationships with our colleagues. We also need to know how to adapt to situations like where we can face temptations, we need to acquire proper discipline from our parents.” Manzi said.

Sr.Consolatie Mukarurangwa, Headmistress of this school also complained that parents do not cultivate children with good education during the holidays as their role is not effective.

“most of the times children are changed when they come from small holidays of two weeks. It becomes worse when they come from over two-month-holidays, which requires us to use much efforts to recover their discipline,” she said.

Some parents say it is not easy to find a time to talk with children nowadays, but they know it is necessary and they must try to find that time especially during the holidays to that they foster good education and behaviors among children.

Adrien Habineza from Huye District said that knowledge from class is not enough. “We should add some elements to knowledge of children acquired from schools. They can also learn Rwandan values and good behaviors from home with parental assistance,” he said.

Bakusi Alphonse, an official from National Itorero Commission in charge of culture development said that there are no positive results from knowledge obtained from school without parental education.

“Some people get school degrees and behave negatively while in their village sides. They fail to establish good relationship with others and their diploma can end up with nothing,”

Bakusi reiterated that values from parents are the ones helping children to be decent citizens who can play a vital role for themselves and for the nation.

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