Sourcing international Co.Ltd comes at the right time when local traders face challenges when importing goods from China.

This story highlights most of the problems faced by local traders who import goods from China before this company started to operate in Rwanda.

These local traders are in three categories and these include permanent traders who make regular imports, permanent traders who have Chinese informants and co-business operators as well as online traders who shop by using internet to order goods from China.

Most of the problems these traders face are the effects of COVID-19 as they were free to shop from various shops of their choice in China. The coronavirus pandemic became a threat to their businesses as they cannot go in China.
This hindrance posed many consequences on local traders who used to shop from China as nowadays they use photos or old receipts to Chinese and pay on their accounts. They can also pay through the transportation companies.
They also experience poor quality goods and theft as they do not immediately and physically interact with Chinese.
Some of the problems faced by permanent and literrate traders who currently interact with chinese factories include missoriented payments as many factories in china have many and similar names written in chinese language. This becomes a serious problem that involves quarrels and misunderstanding where they are told that they did not pay while they paid on false accounts.

Sometimes Chinese immediately change their phone numbers ater recieving the money on their accounts.
An example is one trader who lost $200,000 in the region called Tianjing in China. This one used to interact with his supplier via email address and Whatsapp. He could sometimes request for discount. He got the invoice and paid, and later Chinese came back and told him they did not receive the money. When you follow up on the cases, intermediary traders (middlemen) play a big role in making such losses.

The ones who shop online fall into losses and get serious problems as most of the times they do not know their suppliers and most of these suppliers are ghosts.

It was relaized that most of Chinese who sell online are malicious and used to lie to their clients. They can deliver samples of goods and even pay their flight fees to reach a trader in Rwanda or his/her respective country when they have realized that they will get much money, but after paying, they disappear.

Mr. Uwonkunda Placide

Testimony from Placide Uwonkunda, a Rwandan who lives in China says that: « we have many examples of people who request for our support after losing their money, but nothoing we can do as they come late. One trader has so far bought fertilizer and paid $250,000 and he finally found soil in the containers when they reached Kigali. Another trader in August, 2020 bought some materials and after paying, his supplier put his number in the black list. He called for our support and we realized that he had ghost supplier. »

After this experience, Mr. Uwonkunda Placide and his classmates and jobmates in China established ‘SOURCING INTERNATIONAL CO, LTD’ that operates in China, Guangzhou and in Rwanda.
Uwonkunda and his colleagues have worked for various factories and companies in China before they started this company to tackle the challenges said in the above scenario.

Among the services they offer include linkage of local traders with chinese perfect and certified companies, local traders with quality manufacturers from China, interpretation services, linkage to experts to follow on quality of goods, linkage with Chinese technicians to install machines bought from China, linkage to Chinese business partners, procurement services to work with Chinese trusted companies, and direct sale of goods from Chinese companies without going there among others.

The company also eases negotiation between local traders with Chinese companies when it comes to quality and trust. They also assess the quality and quantity of goods before they are packed. Finally, they help their clients to chose shipping companies on a good price.

Uwonkunda Placide, CEO of Sourcing International Co. Ltd says all of this is due to the above issues and many other challenges faced by traders and to find a way for traders to continue to meet their current and original needs without leaving Rwanda during this period of COVID-19.

One of the aspirations of Rwandans working in China is that Chinese traders are encouraged to work with Rwandans and Rwandan companies operating in China and Rwanda to avoid all such problems. It is a benefit to the traders and it is a benefit to the country.

Sourcing International Co Ltd is a local business investor working in Kigali-Rwanda, Kicukiro Center Plaza, Floor 3 No: F3:20 , Po.BOX. 292. Kigali Rwanda with Tel: +250 784 984 148.

In China, they work at People’s Republic of China, Guangzhou, Tianhe District, Guanghong Tiangqi Huali Road, No.27 C307. They can be accessed at Tel: +86 135 8050 9050, Website :

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