Commercial motorcyclists have been called on to install GPS devices on all taxi motors to prevent irresponsible riding, in the quest to reduce road accidents attributed to these motorcycles.

The commercial riders were also urged to remain vigilant and disassociate from errant colleagues involved in lawlessness like abetting crime and breaking traffic regulations.

The call was made on January 22, by the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP) in charge of operations, Commissioner of Police (CP) Felix Namuhoranye to hundreds of tens of commercial motorcyclists operating in Kigali City at Nyamirambo stadium.

He noted that the technology will have an impact on safety of users by way of monitoring each movement and illegal behaviours of motorcyclists, it “very easier to find the wrongdoer since police, RURA and motorcyclists cooperatives will access full information of each motorcycle,” he said.

He said Rwanda National Police (RNP) acknowledges that most riders abide with the law but a few bad ‘apples’ need to be eliminate to sustain the otherwise good conduct of the majority riders.

He meanwhile, hailed motorcyclists who have vowed to fight lawlessness by sharing information with authorities on errant riders.

Speaking about public road safety, DIGP Namuhoranye suggested that all motorcyclists need to make their safety a priority in order to save their lives and those of other road users.

He said public safety campaign wasn’t only aimed at motorcycle riders, although most motorcyclists’ crash because of recklessness, impairment, over speeding “we are also speaking to vehicle drivers as well” noted the deputy police chief.

He said Police across the country have devoted Patrols to areas where crashes and violations rules often occur, the collaboration of key stakeholders have to be enlisted.

“You know the members who break the law…, those who transport drugs and other illicit products but choose to conceal them this may affect your collective image yet most of you are responsible citizens you must reject such characters” DIGP Namuhoranye said.

He said the introduction of GPs tools is a welcome move which will help in the identification of errant individual motorcyclist.

“The motorcycle owners need a GPS, motorcyclists’ cooperatives need it to, and so do the regulators,” he underscored.

The meeting brought together all stakeholders in the urban mobility sector namely; Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA), Rwanda Federation of Taxi Moto Operators (Ferwacotamo) and the private sector.

The Express News


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