{{Government of Rwanda made a great progress in promoting gender equality thus,all Rwandans can easily get access to resources, decision making and participating in economic activities regardless of sexual category. }}

It is within this framework SEAD, a project which aims to empower education for agricultural development organised the workshop which aimed to increase knowledge to the students from different universities about Gender concepts, Gender in the Rwandan culture, Policy, legal and institutional framework for gender integration in Rwanda.

The workshop took place on 13rd to 15th February at hilltop hotel Kigali where the participants were trained by FATE.

“Unwanted pregnancy is one of dreadful problems girls in many institutions face” said Isimbi from FATE.

University students who got pregnant in some ways too, are directly or indirectly forced to quit their studies to stay at home until they give birth. These unready young mothers mainly without doubt bump into financial problems.

According to Denyse, one of the trainee from IPRC East, said the workshop’s intention has been successful completed and those who attended pledged to train other fellow students so that they overcome those challenges.

Cyuzuzo , student from University of Rwanda CAVM request people who still have false belief that girls from TVET and agriculture fields are sexually abused to get rid of it.

The Express News


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