In every society, in every country, sports have been a very important aspect in the people ranging from bringing people together through shared enjoyment, helping to deliver key messages to the wide audience and as well as improving the health wellbeing of the people.

In Rwanda, sports, has shown great vital role as a result, the government has tried to invest in the sports.
Rwanda’s investment in sports and sports performance in the past decades was demonstrable. Despite, the political will, the efforts of the government to promote sports, men and women of this country have passionately shown interests in the sporting activities-car free day-a fitness exercise involving jogging, riding, skating among other physical exercises is a good example.

Car-free-day is increasingly becoming a big event of the city, taking place twice a month along designated roads of Kigali city, the exercise brings together children with their parents, the youth, adults and elderly from all walks of life. Toddlers themselves are seen on the back of their mothers enjoying an otherwise busy city, this time without a motor car.
This is, however, critical to the faith-based, churches and believers calling it ‘unholy’ due to its timing-worship hours on Sundays.

Sports development in Rwanda targeted to reach higher heights and is still enormous in both infrastructure and skills development. Complex, millennial building, stadiums have been raised to meet the global sports standardization. And no wonder one day Rwanda will host AFCON, world cup!
Rwanda’s sporting activities has impacted too the mental state of affairs, for the psychological and physical development of the people among the youth and old. These activities have contributed on the other hand for the health wellbeing and improving and life expectancy of the Rwandans.

The need for sporting activities is very paramount for the psychological and physical development of the people. these activities contributed to their personal development of Rwandans in different decades through promoting their good health, personal discipline, leadership and team-building skills. Rwanda is interested in exploring the potential of sport to reach the personal, community and national objectives.

Emmanuel Bugingo, the Director of sports and culture, Ministry of youth and culture, says Rwanda’s sports fan base is still growing with millions getting enjoyment and others being
“This is seen in the sports theatres and stadiums. Sports generally is booming, despite, the untapped potential in Rwanda as an investment for sporting activities is somehow low however when it comes to private investments,” he adds.

Thus, many young Rwandans can be a good as an international player we know on the global arena in all sorts and kinds of games.

Bugingo added that Rwanda’s talent pool can have a significant potential to develop national assets in terms of sports for men and women as well as to develop Rwandan talent which can be exported and represent Rwanda in the international arena as well as Cuba Rebuilt its sports sector in few years.
The Government has come with programs of the seven-year program in 2013 that prompted a thorough review of the sports industry to identify key challenges likely to impede sports development and appropriate strategies to support the achievements of sports.

Soccer’ challenges

Rwanda in its history of football reached Africa cup of Nations once in 2004. By this time, there were celebrated names for instance retired Rwandan Footballer Jimmy Gatete, Jimmy Mulisa, at the tournament, they lost their opening match 2-1 to Tunisia before winning their first-ever point in the competition after a 1-1 draw against Guinea.

From that time until now Rwandans are waiting for another soccer messiah to save their face, from then the country is struggling to fully improve on its footballing capacity, build professionalism, excelling on international, thus, as if the spirits of the traditionalism, enabling them to adapt to the Briticisms.

However, despite, ‘soccer challenges’ in Rwanda other sects-cycling have tremendously boomed to another level. Thus, with the sense of optimism football will boom.


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