Rwandans living, working and studying the Scandinavian countries have gathered in Copenhagen, Denmark for the annual Umuganura celebrations.

Umuganura is always celebrated on 3rd, August- under this 4th edition, the celebrations are being held under the theme ‘Culture as the source technology’. It is a day that connects the young and old friends of Rwanda.

As usual this event is hosted in different European countries, last year, it took place at Oslo in Norway. It is expected in Stockholm in 2020.

Christine Nkurikiyinka Rwanda’s Envoy to Stockholm addressed celebrants and explained the history of Umuganura and the impact of the celebration.

Umuganura has always been celebrated across the country in different sectors – It promotes culture and unity of Rwandans and it is the foundation of the self-sustenance.

She added that Umuganura also superseded a mere act of ‘celebration of the first harvests’ but covered to medics too.

“Our culture is now earning either in technology, sports, and business or in the basic facilities,” she said. “And being patriotic covers also conserving what has been achieved and it does not mean guns and weapons” she added.

However, the envoy castigated the fake news which targets to destroy the unity of Rwandans saying it is a threat to Rwandan Diaspora.

“Long time ago when Rwandan farmers harvested, they could meet with others and eat as they celebrate the labor of their pain. We should thus our time do so,” said Teajeni Misago, the head of the Rwandan Diaspora in Copenhagen.

Chelsea Kayihura a youth who participated in the Indangamirwa 2019 in Rwanda gave the remarks on behalf of others on how she got blessed to know the country of her origin through ‘Itorero’.

‘I have learnt the knowledge on how to treat and live with other Rwandans in harmony as well as reconnection to the roots of my country,” she said.

She thanked the Swedish government that helps them to know the programs that are being operated in their country, saying that it is a good way of making their parent’s understanding.

Jackline Hansen, the head of the Rwandan community in Jylland and Fyn Island, also thanked the leadership of Rwanda. “We Rwandans promise you that we have enough power and we expect to reach far. It was a day of joy and celebrations and get together,” Hansen said.

This year DJ Flora Nyirimbabazi from Belgium and folk singer Jules Sentore entertained the participants.

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