Members of the Rwandan community in Ottawa, Canada on Sunday gathered to commemorate all sportsmen and artists killed during the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsis.

The event was organised by Association Sportive Amities (ASSA) in collaboration with Humura, an association for the survivors of the genocide living in Ottawa-Gatineau.

ASSA’s Secretary, Denyse Umutoni said that the event is meant to unite Rwandans by remembering the innocent victims who killed because of how they were born.

“My colleagues and I committed ourselves to promoting sports and culture because they enable us to build unity and friendship as Rwandans in Canada,” she said.
In remembering and paying tribute to the innocent victims of the genocide, they also organised friendly basketball fixtures whereby four teams from the eastern parts of Canada faced off.
The sports event was attended by 250 people mostly the youth. The youngest player is aged 12 while the oldest player is 40.
The sports events were attended by several officials including Rwandans from Canada, their friends, MPs and other officials from Ontario.

Participants were also shown photos and of some of the victims as well as their memories.
Some people testified about their loves ones who were killed during the genocide.
Alaine Ikirezi and a friend of her parents said that her father Alphonse Rutsindura who was killed during the genocide loved people, taught music and coached volleyball teams.

Louis Rwakiranya said that Dominique Ngoga Sebarinda who was a big volleyball player rose his team to the international level.
He said that even if Ngoga was a Rwandese coaching a Burundian team, he didn’t discriminate them but worked towards uniting them through the passion he had for volleyball.
Some others remembered include artists Sipiriyani Rugamba and Andre Sebanani, among others.

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