Rwandans and friends of Rwanda living in Flandre Occidentalle, Belgium met to celebrate Umuganura.

The event that took place at the Blanken berg on the shores of the lake involved the works of the Umuganda.

The event involved a time of get together,connection,music and traditional dance.

Speaking to The Express News, Yvette Umutangana, the President of Rwanda Community in Flandre Occidentale region in Belgium, said, they have done Umuganda activities to show the world that Rwandans carries a cultural values wherever they go. “Through that exemplary work Belgians themselves have started to admire Rwandan culture,” she added.

Yvette Umutangana, the President of the Rwanda community in Flandre Occidentale region in Belgium,

“Doing Umuganda does mean that there is dirt,this region is very clean specifically. Thus, we just want to show residents that we have something that is unique as Rwandans and that we are committed to make Rwanda and Africa more cleaner,” she said.

She said, even though, some Rwandans have not so far not shown too much interests in those activities. She added that there is high hopes that they will continue mobilizing on Umuganda works.

Amandin Rugira, an ambassador of Rwanda in Belgium, in his speech applauded the congregation who attended the event. “Umuganura is the action that have a meaning in the development of our country both economically and good governance, it is also a time of meeting as Rwandans and share news about our country,” he said.

In this event, Deo Mazina, a Rwandan living in Belgium, narrated the history of Umuganda and requested Rwandans in Belgium in general to always cater for the celebration of the Umuganura as the virtues that unified Rwandans.

Umuganura and Umuganda of this year was attended by the Equity Bank, CEO, Hannington Namara, equity Bank team that have come to mobilize other Rwandans living in Belgium to invest in Rwanda and left when most of them opened their bank accounts

The Express News


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