Rwandan community in Australia have come together with their friends to pay their tributes to over one million victims of Genocide Against Tutsi in 1994. The event to Commemorate 25th anniversary of the Genocide took place on Sunday 07th; the International Day to Commemorate Rwandan Genocide Against Tutsi.

The event attracted a lot of prominent people who came to support Rwandans during this period. Among them are The Honorable. Elise Archer, The Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Corrections, Environment, the Arts and Racing. There was also Mrs. Elly Brooks, The Honorary Secretary of the Board of the Jewish Holocaust Center and President of the Friends of JHC.

The Honorable Casey O’Connor, the Leader of Tasmania Greens and MP for Clark (formerly Denison) was also in attendance. All of these guests had had time to deliver their respective speeches.
Mr. Guillaume Kavaruganda, the High Commissioner of Rwanda to Australia, who was the main guest, praised Rwandan diaspora “for their solidarity” considering how they abandoned their benefits in order to attend such important event.

The commissioner also shared that “the determination of survivors of the Genocide Against Tutsi to overcome the loss and pain to pursue a unified and better future for next generation is an inspiration to many in Rwanda and beyond”

Commemoration event in Australia was very significant considering that a day before, on 6th April, Mr. AmielNubaha and his group of Rwandan dissidents had planned their own commemoration event which was designed to spread propagandas of Genocide denial. The group is widely known as “denials and revolutionists of Rwandan Genocide Against Tutsi.”

This year’s Commemoration is specifically focusing on youth. The goal is “to make the youth a vital cog in ensuring that the country never suffers similar mayhem” While the theme has remained “Remember-Unite-Renew.”

The National Commission for the Fight Against Genocide (CNLG) requests that during Commemoration period, activities should center on four key elements: Memory and Unity, the continued pursuit for justice, fighting genocide denial and accountability.
The Commemoration week will end on 13th April but the period will last 100 days till 4th July in order to mark one hundred days that Genocide Against Tutsi took before being stopped by RPF-INKOTANYI.

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