Rwandan women living in Scandinavia Diaspora will celebrate The International Women’s Day 2021 tomorrow, Saturday, March 13, 2021.

This first ever move for them has been under preparation for a couple of days and will bring together Rwandan women living in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Speaking on the microphone of Igihe TV online, Ambassador Christine Nkurikiyinka who represents Rwanda in the other 4 Nordic Countries, namely Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway said that this activity aims at celebrating the International women’s day on March, 13, 2021, the day which is currently celebrated every year on March 8.

“We have a great opportunity as we will host the guest of honor Minister of Gender and Family Promotion Prof. Jeannette Bayisenge and we are happy to welcome her. With the same theme as the one of Rwanda, “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”, we aim to link it with the current lives women undergo every day in these countries. We expect the discussions that we will share to leave us with successful lessons, decisions and pieces of advice that will help us in our current life here in Scandinavia.” Nkurikiyinka said.
She added that the theme of this year’s International women’s day celebration compiles together women’s rights and gender equality between men and women, peace and the role of women in building their resilience and development of their mother country.

According to Mrs. Leontine Umugiraneza, the representative of the council of women in Scandinavia diaspora that prepared the celebration of the International women’s day 2021, participants will gain a good moment to share constructive ideas and put together all contributing views to Rwanda’s development.

This day will be celebrated online in order to further contain measures against COVID-19.
“We are happy to have this day celebrated the first time in Scandinavia by Rwandan Women, we will have the conversations by some women among us who will share with fellow Rwandese what they have achieved in Businesses, politics, etc. we will also talk about the role of women in ICT, and Rwandan culture. We will be also with men in this celebration where Intore Masamba will bring us traditional music.”  Noted Umugiraneza.

In concluding, Ambassador Nkurikiyinka said that Rwandan artists are very encouraged and empowered to give their contributions in sustaining Rwandan culture there in Scandinavia.

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