Rwandan students who want to pursue their studies abroad will have to provide medical certificate from an accredited physician testifying that they are drug free.

According to the announcement by Rwanda Education Board (REB), the board, in collaboration with Rwandan embassies, is to establish an updated database for mainly students from Rwanda who pursue their studies abroad with the target to regularly support and enhance education for all Rwandan Students.
The Board seeks to alleviate challenges of high repetition rates, use of drugs and excessive use of alcohol, expulsion from University and potential deportation among other challenges facing students.

In line with this policy, students who plan to pursue their studies abroad will be required to register their full identity using the online form available on the website of various Rwandan Embassies, to provide a medical certificate from a recognized physician/hospital to testify that they have not been under the influence of drugs, and more to those points above a one day orientation program will be provided for such students so as to keep them in the loop on challenges that they are likely to face such as high repetition rates, use of drugs and excessive alcohol, expulsion from their Institutions and potential deportation.

The decision does not only concern government sponsored students but also students who are under cooperation scholarships with no exception of private sponsored students.
The prevailing problem of using drug which has nowadays taken another level among Rwandan youth is of concern such that President Kagame took his time, during 15th Umushyikirano Council whereby he called for every concerned entity to take their part in preventing its worsening.

The Express News


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