Rwandan group Izuba, based in Canada’s city of Ottawa, has played a theatre themed ‘Sweep Tears, Stay Strong’ which focused on Genocide against Tutsi. The event took place in Canadian city of Montreal and was attended by Rwandans, Canadians and covered by Radio Canada.

Rurangwa Jean Marie Vianney, who scripted and directed the theatre, used it to translate a message of hope to all Genocide survivors. It insisted on encouraging survivors to be stay ahead of their pain and focus on their future.
As the theatre, which took place on 23rd this month, was concluded, Mr. Jacques Rwirangira, a representative of Rwandan Genocide survivors’ association in Montreal reminded the audience of the Memorial period ahead and encouraged Montreal residents to attend and participate in all scheduled programs during the period.

The president of Rwandan diaspora in Montreal, Mr. Alain Patrick Ndengera, appreciated group Izuba’s play and praised the contributions of all Rwandans and their friends who took their valuable time to come and support Izuba Group.
Ndengera reminded the audience that some people who were involved in Genocide against Tutsi’s crimes are still free in Europe, USA and Canada.
“There are people who committed Genocide crimes and are still free in Europe, USA and Canada. We have to work together [in order] to report these people in courts.” He said.
Mr. Ndengera also sensitized audience to avoid Genocide denials including Rwandans and people from other countries.

“We have to protest against people from Rwanda and other places who are still denying Rwandan Genocide against Tutsi.” He added.
Rurangwa Jean Marie Vianney, the composer and director of the theatre, thanked everyone who came to support Izuba Group. Referring on the theme of the theatre, Mr. Rurangwa insisted that their main message was to motivate Genocide survivors to fight a successful battle against their sorrow and pain. This part of the theatre on demonstrated in its name, ‘Sweep Tears’.

The theatre also encouraged the survivors to stay strong and deal with their daily struggles because life must continue, and it must continue towards the best direction; which is the best future of the survivors. Thispart of the theatre was well demonstrated in its second name, ‘Stay Strong’.
Rwanda’s Memorial Period will start on 7th April. The period marks the start of mourning as Rwandans and their friends will be remembering over one million Tutsi who were brutally killed during the Genocide against Tutsi in 1994. The mourning lasts for a week and involves dialogues, visiting Memorial cites and commemoration on every level.
It is a good manner to all Rwandans to participate in all programs scheduled in Memorial period and crucially, supporting all of those who lost their people during Genocide against Tutsi.

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